We are wherever top-notch quality is demanded

Ekets Uppåkra customers operate in various businesses, which all have their unique conditions and demands. But they all have one thing in common – namely attention to detail and an commitment to always deliver on our promise.

Cutting machining demands attention to detail, precision, cleanliness, finish and total control.


Manufacturing components for the defence and many other industries precision is key. This demands substantial knowledge of different materials, quality management, traceability, and documentation – areas in which Ekets Uppåkra has extensive experience.

Precision is also a key factor in the manufacturing of optical equipment, another key segment for us


We can guarantee cleanliness on a particle level, which is a prerequisite for hydraulics to run smoothly and dependably. Our cleanliness controls of hydraulic systems, hydraulic steering equipment and drivelines include particle counting, something we manage in-house.


At times, esthetics play an important role and in our work with the optical industry this is particularly the case. The product doesn’t only have to function well, it has to feel and look good as well.

Total control

Due to our size, Ekets Uppåkra can be highly responsive. We offer manufacturing of anything from prototypes and smaller volumes to extensive series productions. All while taking pride in being small enough to be adaptable and maintaining full control. These qualities have proved to be particularly important in our partnership with leaders in different industry segments.