Ekets Uppåkra offers a modern manufacturing process in cutting machining, with equipment that is customised to suit your needs. We are also advanced in the digitalization for the benefit of manufacturing control as well as customer communication.

Chuck lathing

With over 50 CNC chuck lathes with large surrounding workspaces, we to offer full flexibility in terms of volume and dimensions. Our lathe turning capacity is up to ø550 millimetres, Production volumes are from unique prototypes to large volumes produced in automated robot cells. Ekets Uppåkra offer the following processes within chuck lathing:
  • 2-spindle horizontal machines with milling functions
  • Vertical machines
  • 2 and 4-axis machines

Automatic lathing

With over 80 automatic lathes, Ekets Uppåkra provide a wide range of machines and processes servicing a broad spectrum of needs. We control production of parts with diameters up to ø65 millimetres. Ekets Uppåkra offer the following processes within automatic lathing:
  • 2-spindle machines with driven tools
  • Sliding headstock machines
  • 6-spindle machining

Multi-task machining

Ekets Uppåkra master processes for advanced machining with turning and milling integrated, effectively producing complex parts with high demands in terms of tolerances. Within these processes, we can handle dimensions up to ø300 millimetres.